About Us

Zuhoor Nawrooz Ltd.

  • Zuhoor Nawrooz Ltd. Company was founded in 2004, by Mustafa Anwar Mohammed.
  • The company was founded on the principles of providing better services to the region and industry.
  • Zuhoor Nawrooz, Ltd. is a Locally – owned, diverse internationally staffed, company based in Baghdad, with satellite offices in Erbil, Dubai, Amman, Seattle, WA, and Istanbul.
  • Zuhoor Nawrooz, Ltd. Is primarily a construction company set out to expand with the needs of we are set how to provide the highest quality of professional services and safety to its customers in every aspect of its provided services, bringing some of the highest experience from start to finish in a pressure controlled environments. Zuhoor Nawrooz utilizes the experience personnel with local experience to deliver proven results with cost effective solutions that enhance the production of energy.

Our success is based on the strength of our people who are dedicated to providing innovative and appropriate services to the needs of our customers.
Zuhoor Nawrooz Ltd. is focusing on delivering services safely and providing modern, portable and high-quality equipment. The company’s focus is on equipment with integrated automation, high efficiency, low emission engines and latest available technology. The company is committed to original group, employs highly qualified staff and is focused on providing customized solutions to challenging problems even in the most hostile environments.
We are fully committed to our client and staff. Our targets as a service providing company is to be consistent thorough with the needs of each and every one of our clients.
We have strived to develop a culture within our company that helps our reputation grow with time. Which has shown over time in the direct reflection of our works growing relationships.